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Birthed in 2012 Restored Hope Ministries is a 501c3 organization founded for the purpose of rescuing women trapped in sexual exploitation, sex abuse, and domestic violence. We serve women and their children from ages 17 to 40 years old by providing food, clothing, and shelter for 14 to 16 months depending on how they adjust and go through the healing process.


Months one through six are dedicated to healing the hurt that is directly related to their abuse and exploitation. During this period the women participate in Celebrate Recovery classes twice a week, one on one counseling with Licensed Counselors, group counseling, mentorship program, bible studies, parenting classes, budgeting and financial classes, computer training that encompasses the entire Microsoft Office Package, exercise and dance classes, art therapy and love without anything in return. We also provide dental and medical treatment for our residents.


Months six through twelve focus on job search programs, which include bus passes for their transportation while searching for employment. First we make sure they have all their pertinent information such as drivers license, birth certificate, and picture ID.  We help them prepare their resume and role play job interviews and certain situations that may arise because of criminal records or their past. Job placement and career paths are determined and documented before they are allowed to go search for a job.


After securing a job we open bank accounts in their names and set up direct deposit for their pay. All debit cards are secured and stored in their belongings until they are ready to leave. Then we help in the apartment search, deposits and the furnishing of the apartment.


All this is done at no charge to the women and they are with us the rest of their lives or until they choose to end the relationship by relapsing.


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