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Victims or Jezebels?

There are several important questions associated with the sex trafficking information movement going on in America today. Here are some of them. What is sex trafficking? Does it just include young women in other countries? Does it include prostitutes and strippers? Is it just about kidnapping children and sex slavery? Is sex trafficking a local problem? I believe all of the above mentioned are part of the “Big Picture” of sex trafficking, but none of those are the most important question.

The most important question about sex trafficking is, are the women involved Victims or Jezebel’s? Are they the happy beautiful women that drive luxury cars, and fly around the country in private jets and make lots of money that the television portrays? Or are they someone’s daughter, mother, sister, or wife that were molested as children, raped, abandoned, abused or forgotten that have no hope? The latter is the more prevalent of the two scenarios.

Most of the women that are the so called sex trafficked are hurt, broken, molested, abandoned, without hope, and or trapped in this lifestyle. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Did you know that most of the women get very little or none of the money that their paid for sex? They don’t have cars. They are strung out on drugs to kill the pain of what they’re doing. They are dirty, hungry, beat up, sexually abused by their pimp, the trick, or club owner. They are forced to do things you couldn’t even dream of. Wow, what a great elegant life, right? Doesn’t sound like a Player to me! Doesn’t sound like fun to me. Only a victim would stay in that kind of situation.

You may be thinking, why, why would they stay in that situation? They don’t have a choice! They don’t have hope for a future. Who would want them? Who would marry a girl that has had sex with any man that will pay? What about diseases? Taking her home to meet the family? Oh, what about the children they have, the pimps children, who would love a pimps kid? Get the picture now? They are trapped! They are definitely victims! Do you see these women in a different light now? Can you love these women?

The only way out for them is to be rescued and taken away from the abuse. They must be loved, protected and educated. Please pray with us at Restored Hope Ministries as we take on this great challenge. If you would like to get involved please contact us at

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  1. Great seeing you Sam! I’d love to hear more!

    • Janet (Reynolds) Peterson
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  2. Hi Sam. How is the ministry? How are the women? On this Easter, I was just thinking of the works of our Lord. I pray for you, and keep you all in my thoughts. I do love these poor women. If only there were more missions like yours.

    • frederick
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