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blog_minneedsHere at Restored Hope Ministries, we have many needs throughout the year. We will keep the site updated with them as they arise. One of the best ways to help and get involved in our ministry is by helping us provide for these needs. Below is a list of our current Points of Interest and Ministry Needs. If you would like to donate, please contact us today! And thank you for visiting our website!


Points of Interest and Ministry Needs


1. Non- Perishable Canned Food
2. Tuna
3. Chicken
4. Salmon
5. All soups
6. Fruit, pears, peaches, mixed, any canned fruit
7. Spaghetti all kinds and shapes
8. Bottled Ragu
9. Parmesan Cheese
10. Napkins
11. Toilet Paper
12. Paper towels
13. Monthly Donations to help with the day to day expenses
14. Mentors
15. Airlines Miles

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  1. I attended theRestored Hope Dinner a couple of weeks ago and was moved by your ministery. At that time, I saw your need of a Financial/Business Manager. Could you please elaborate more on this position. Obviously you want experience, but is this volunteer only? Paid? Full time or part time? Thank you in advance for your information.

    • Dee dee
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  2. I am a social worker with Vitas Hospice. We are moving our in patient unit in the next 2 weeks. We have several couches, all of which fold out into beds and reclining chairs we are seeking to donate. All have been recently cleaned and are in good condition. If your ministry has any need for these items please let me know.

    • David Overton
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  3. Read the article today in the DMN. I am a member and teacher at First Baptist Dallas and my wife, Kelly, and I are looking for involvement in different ministries. Yours is intriguing. I also am the Executive Trustee of my fathers foundation for educational scholarships. We are assisting in many scholarships annually. Please send us information on ways we might assist.

    • Jerry Stansbury
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  4. Hi, my name is Wendy and a little about myself…I suffered with addiction, prostitution, and bouncing in and out of jails and prison for 13 years. I was kicked out of my mother’s home when I was 15 and ended up on the streets. However, in 2010, I found jesus while waiting to go to trial on my 7th felony. During that time, I started walking with God. Shortly after, I was released on probation which was a huge shock because probation is not offered to people with extensive backgrounds. My first miracle from god. Upon being released I enrolled in a discipleship program and graduated from that program in 2011. I stayed on after graduation as a big sister mentor for other afflicted women. Now, I have completed 3 years of college(I was a high school drop out with a G.E.D. I received through Windham school in prison). I made ” Who’s Who last spring and I am VP Communications for Phi Theta Kappa at El Centro college. I will be graduating in the spring of 2015. Through GOD, I have accomplished many things since becoming a Christian. Without GOD I experienced many hardships on the streets of Dalworth in grand prairie. I would love to be able to share me experience with your ladies in the hope of encouraging them in their new lives. What seemed impossible to ma at one time is no longer impossible because i can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

    • Wendy Birdsall
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    • thanks Wendy, may the Lord bless you abundantly. Pastor Sam!


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