Loretta Johnson

LorettaLoretta has been the Director of Health for the Urban League of Greater Dallas & North Central Texas Inc. for the past 8.5 years. She manages the health programs, staff, and budget and is responsible for generating revenue for the health programs. Since her tenure, she has increased the health department budget from $260,000 to over $850,000 per year.

Loretta has a B.A. degree in Sociology/Psychology completed 45 hours of post graduate studies in Counseling and is currently enrolled in Boston University’s Project Management certification program.

She has spent 25 years of her life serving in various areas of Community Health Care. The remainder of her professional career has been as an entrepreneur and in serving at risk adolescents, prison and re-entry populations, individuals, families and communities infected and /or affected with HIV/ AIDS, Substance Abuse and violence.

Prior to her tenure at the Urban League, Loretta worked diligently for 11.5 years as a Parkland Health & Hospital System employee where she was instrumental in the development of 10 school based health clinics (Youth & Family Centers) located on campuses of the Dallas Independent and Carrollton Farmers Branch School Districts. As manager of the Youth & Family Centers, she ensured that children and families received quality and affordable health care. The Youth and Family Centers received the first National Award ever given to a School Based Health Clinic through the National Assembly of School Based Health Care, Washington, D.C. for exemplifying a model of excellence in school based health care.

Her second year of employment at Parkland Health & Hospital System she received the “Employee Who Goes Beyond Award”. The American Medical Association (AMA), Chicago, Illinois presented her with an award for the development of a program in Adolescent Health Care and the City of Dallas presented her with the “Top of the Mountain Award” for services to the City of Dallas. More recently, the Urban League was awarded the “You Make a Difference” award by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Substance Abuse mental Health Services Agencies, Washington, D.C. for its health department making a difference in the HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse epidemics.

Loretta has served on several local, state and National Board of Directors over the years. She was recently awarded VIP status on the Biltmore Who’s Who Registry of Executives and Professionals.

She completed the Ministry Training Institute through Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas as well as served on the mission fields in Nicaguara and Costa Rica. Currently, she ministers the gospel nationally and internationally and serves on Guest Care and Guest Care Follow-Up Ministries at Covenant Church where she has been a member for the past 18 years.

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